The Homework Club was started out of a passion to empower young people in DCYZ to excel academically. We assist children between 10-16 years of age with their weekly homework, and in many cases go ahead of their class schedules. This assistance is mainly in Maths, English and Sciences. To supplement this, we offer academic support over the phone, a service the young people use enthusiastically!

Besides Homework, we also mentor our attendees, advising on effective study methods, techniques and future career choices. We encourage our young people to take a proactive approach and enjoy the process of learning. We believe that instilling confidence in students is vital to successful learning.

Since its inception in mid 2008, the Homework Club has had the following successes:

  • Our volunteers have grown from 2-8
  • Weekly attendance has increased steadily from 3 to about 11 children
  • Our members have improved their grades and confidence at school
  • Homework club members have recently competed in and won awards in various academic competitions within Reading.

All these accomplishments have been made possible by the generous support and prayers from the church and various members of our local community. We are truly grateful. We have many future aspirations. Some of these include to:

  • Have our young people excel academically and join world-class universities.
  • Increase our volunteers thereby offer higher quality, personalised academic assistance
  • Expand the variety of activities that we offer
  • Forge successful relationships with other homework clubs and academic establishments.

Homework club meets every Friday from 7:45 – 8:45 PM in the restaurant at the Globe and our service is absolutely free!

For more information on how you can benefit from our services or help by volunteering your time and skills contact Allan & Susan: Homework Club Coordinators or call 079 8421 7865.