GenX is run by Changing Arrows CIC. 

Changing Arrows and the Community

This is known as Gen-X and has been structured in a group format running from 7:30 – 9:00 on a Friday.

Gen-X is a key sector of DCYZ (Deliverance Centre Youth Zone) the youth department at The Globe. It is a group where both teenagers and young adults can come and express themselves. During Gen-X meetings, young people talk about their dreams, aspirations, challenges and victories and, how they view themselves and the world around them.

What does Gen-X aim to achieve?

By taking young people as they are and empowering them to express themselves, Gen-X then equips them with sound spiritual guidance for their everyday lives.

How does this help young people?

By analysing everyday experiences and matching them up against a positive structure, Gen-X ensures that the young people leave feeling uplifted and proud to be unique. For those who may be away studying at university, Gen-X can be contacted via phone calls, text, Social Networking sites and Email. 

What has this achieved?

Firstly, non-Christians who attend Gen-X come to understand their own relationship with God and how spiritual growth is just as important as physical and emotional growth. (However this will not be forced upon them) and are not judged for coming as they are with their own personal thoughts and views. Gen-X has helped young men and women to realize their worth to society; they are able to stand during tough times whereas in the past they would have reacted negatively to the same situations. Gen-X has helped to increase their confidence self-esteem as well as sound guidance on everyday issues, such as family life and the promotion of healthy relationships as a whole

What does Changing Arrows aim to achieve?

By taking young people as they are and empowering them to express themselves, Changing Arrows then equips them with sound practical guidance for their everyday lives. This enables them to live well-balanced lives, and fulfill their purpose and potential in society.

To contact Changing Arrows CIC email  or contact Zanele or call 078 5685 4862